What are the dates of the 2016 Birdsville Races

2016 – Friday 2 and Saturday 3 September
2017 – Friday 1 and Saturday 2 September

For more information visit www.birdsvilleraces.com

What is the Outback Loop?

The Outback Loop is an itinerary.  An experience.

It’s easy: 2 pubs + 2 tracks + 2 states = 1 experience.

The Innamincka Hotel.   Strzelecki Track.  South Australia

The Birdsville Hotel.  Birdsville Track.  Queensland.

Go to where bitumen turns to dust and travel the Outback Loop!

Where is the Birdsville Track in relation to the Outback Loop?

The Birdsville Track extends from Marree in South Australia to Birdsville, Queensland.  Driving the Birdsville Track is a part of the ‘Loop itinerary which will take you to one of Australia’s most legendary outback pubs – the Birdsville Hotel.

Where is the Strzelecki Track in relation to the Outback Loop?

The Strzelecki Track starts at Lyndhurst in South Australia and ends at the tiny settlement of Innamincka in the Cooper Basin. The Della Road from Moomba to Innamincka replaces parts of the old Strzelecki Track.  The Strzelecki Track is also part of the ‘Loop itinerary and will lead you to another legendary watering hole – the Innamincka Hotel!

When driving on a desert track what gear should I use for climbing dunes?

It’s a personal choice – suggest high 2nd gear, high 4WD or low 3rd.  If you deflate your tyres you should re-inflate them before entering the gibber plains.

Can I tow my van/ camper trailer?

Yes!  But be aware that the roads are unsealed, drive to the conditions, and be sure to carry at least 2 spare tyres.  Make sure that you are prepared and know your vehicle.  4WD style is preferable as generally this type of vehicle is built to withstand the robust nature of outback roads and will have adequate clearance.

Roads and Weather

Download the Outback Loop app for live updates on road conditions and weather (available when in mobile range)

Useful phone numbers and websites:

Northern South Australia Road Conditions ph 1300 361 033

Outback Queensland Road Conditions ph 1800 816 078

Desert Park Bulletin ph 1800 816 078

Innamincka road conditions www.environment.sa.gov.au[M1]

ExplorOz  www.exploroz.com/Roads/Default.aspx

Weatherzone  www.weatherzone.com.au

Bureau of Meteorology www.bom.gov.au

What are the road conditions?

The road conditions can vary with the season and the weather conditions.  The Birdsville Track, Strzelecki Track,  Diamantina Developmental Road and Arrabury Road have unsealed gravel surfaces with occasional bull dust holes.  Generally the roads are safe, wide, dusty desert highways and are well maintained by South Australian and Queensland government road crews.

Desert tracks are all single lane, designated tracks.

Check out our interactive app for more information on road surfaces across the Outback Loop.

How far is it from …

Birdsville to Big Red—38 km
Birdsville to Poeppel Corner —170 km (allow 10-12 hours return)
Birdsville to Dalhousie Springs—432 km

Birdsville to Innamincka via Walkers Crossing—340 km

Innamincka to Burkes Memorial—9 km

Innamincka to Wills Memorial —20 km

Innamincka to Kings Marker —8 km

Innamincka to the Dig Tree via Burke and Wills bridge— 68 km

Innamincka to Cullyamurra Waterhole— 18 km

Innamincka to Coongie Lakes— 106 km

Innamincka to Moomba—90 km

Which is the best road route from Birdsville to Innamincka?

Travelling east on the Diamantina Developmental Road you can travel to Innamincka via Cordillo Downs or via the Arrabury Road.  The Arrabury Road is a major stock route and is often better maintained than the Cordillo Road.  Both tracks are scenic and showcase the region’s arid beauty.

What is the road Walkers Crossing?

This is a 340km short cut from Innamincka to the Birdsville Hotel – it is a track which skirts the Moomba gas fields and joins the Birdsville Track approximately 100km south of Birdsville.  Track conditions are variable and some experience in outback driving is recommended.

Where can I get LPG for my vehicle?

South – Lyndhurst, SA

East – Charleville, QLD

North – Mt Isa, QLD

Where do I purchase fuel for my aircraft and what is available?

Av Gas and Jet A1 can be purchased in Birdsville from Birdsville Hotel Aviation which is a bulk refuelling facility.  Fuel can be purchased by the drum at Innamincka from Innamincka Trading Post.

Is there accommodation between Birdsville and Innamincka?

No!  But the camping spots are free and fantastic. You are required to purchase a Desert Parks pass to continue beyond Poeppel Corner and the National Park at Innamincka.  You may not camp more than 500 m either side of designated tracks.

How much water should I carry?

Carry a minimum of 7 li per person per day and carry extra in case of breakdown.

Living and working in the Outback – what is it like?

Life in the outback is as rewarding as it is challenging – it is a lifestyle choice!

How do you receive food supplies?

Food and other supplies arrive by road train from Brisbane or Adelaide.

What is OBE organic beef?

OBE beef is owned by a group of Channel Country based pastoralists.  OBE cattle are allowed to roam freely, grazing on the natural pastures of Channel Country.  Antibiotics, hormones or pesticides are not used at any stage in production.

What is Channel Country?

The Birdsville Hotel and the Innamincka Hotels are located in the heart of Channel Country.  Channel Country is a series of ancient flood plains with rivers which flow intermittently. The principal waterways are Cooper Creek and the Diamantina River. When there is sufficient rainfall in their catchment area, these rivers flow into Lake Eyre, South Australia. In most years the floodwaters are absorbed into the earth or evaporate.

What does everyone do all day?

Most residents are employed and work in the pastoral industry, the local council or in hospitality.

How hot/cold does it get?

The climate is extreme; it is very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

When is the best time to experience The Outback Loop?

Any time is a good time to visit the ‘Loop – April/May is a personal favourite.