About Birdsville

Birdsville sits in the vast Diamantina Shire, about 1,600 km west of Brisbane. The traditional custodians of the Birdsville area are the Wangkangurru-Yarluyandi people.  To the south of Birdsville lies the legendary Birdsville Track, mapped as a stock route in 1905 and now a major touring route for Outback travellers.

Prior to federation in 1901, Birdsville was used as a collection point for a toll that was payable on all stock and supplies entering South Australia from Queensland.  It was a thriving community then and now.

Today, around 110 people call Birdsville home.  For such a small town, it has excellent infrastructure.  A geothermal power station provides the town’s electricity, with natural gas and diesel generators brought online during peak periods.  Birdsville has two sources of water: the Great Artesian Basin and the Diamantina River.

In town, you’ll find the excellent Wirrarri Visitor Information Centre which is also the town’s library and sometimes art gallery. There’s a caravan park, a bakery, a cafe, a general store, as well as a medical clinic and two service stations offering mechanical repairs.