Partners who make the Outback great – Annabel Tully

The Outback Loop is proud to support the work of local artist Annabel Tully.

Annabel paints the Channel Country where she lives and works and invites fellow artists and travellers to join her at Bunginderry Artist Camp.

She’s hard working and enjoys friends, family and good times. She’s all about making a place for people to gather amidst a harsh climate. Resilience and success amidst adversity; and that’s also what The Outback Loop is about.

And the winner is – The Outback Loop!

The Outback Loop – Birdsville and Innamincka Hotels is proud of our award winning team of chefs 2011.  Together they scooped the 2011 Awards with Birdsville Hotel winning the Outback Queensland Tourism Awards for the second year in a row for Tourism Restaurants and Catering Services. The Innamincka Hotel achieved Silver medal for Tourism Restaurants and Catering Services at the recent South Australian Tourism award ceremony in Adelaide.

At the Birdsville Hotel Miranda and her chefs offer a range of contemporary menu choices that utilise local or regional ingredients wherever possible. Some of our guests prefer a more traditional pub meal, so steaks with salad, roasts with vegetables, and fish with chips have a regular place on our menu, joining our lunchtime offerings of steak sandwiches and organic beef burgers. Our restaurant and catering services help to add that extra layer to a tourism experience because Miranda guides her team with some very simple and practical philosophies:

• our guests are a diverse lot and we cater for that; a big T-Bone with Chips and Egg isn’t on our menu, but if that’s what someone wants, then that’s what we’ll give them

• aim for pub food with flair; use outback inspired spices and herbs to enhance flavour

• food should not only taste good, it should look good; never underestimate the use of colour

• superior ingredients don’t need a lot of preparation; use fresh and organic wherever possible

• don’t buy when you can make or bake.


At Innamincka Hotel we celebrate the fact that even though we are in one of the most remote settlements in Australia, surrounded by gibber plains, we are able to offer not only an authentic outback front bar experience, but also a dining experience that exceeds expectations.

Some of the products used to create Innamincka Hotel’s brilliant menu are…

quality meat – MSA only from Holco and OBE eye fillet.  Nothing beats it.

Coorong Angus Beef

seafood from Angelakis

Kangaroo Island free range eggs

smallgoods from Barossa Fine Foods

condiments and chutneys from Vicki Matchett and Andrew Fielke

the freshest fruit and vegetables from various suppliers at the Adelaide Markets.


Managers – Michelle and Leon, Head Chef – Brent, Chefs –  Tom and Rhys and the team 2011 at Innamincka showed how passion for fine food and great times can shine on the tourism stage!


Watch this space for Taste Inna 2012! The Outamincka Char and Grill will be the place to be!