The Outback Loop

A journey through the heart of Australia

The outback beckons. An old, old land of contrasts. Stark red gibber plains one month. Stunning carpets of fragrant wildflowers the next. Mound springs gushing near-boiling water into the sky. Saltbush casting an eerie grey haze as far as you can see.

The Journey

The Outback Loop is an itinerary to guide your outback travels. It celebrates the environment, history, heritage and culture of this fascinating region. It shows you where you’ll find some of the best places, stories and people that Australia has to offer.

 In the early days of white settlement of inland Australia, two stock routes were vital in opening up Queensland’s Channel Country to the south.

Today, those routes are known as the Birdsville and Strzelecki tracks. They are wide-open roads that traverse vast outback flood plains, taking in the soaring sand hills and gibbers of Sturt’s Stony Desert. The Outback Loop follows these two tracks, linking them to two great Australian watering-holes: the Birdsville Hotel and the Innamincka Hotel.

But wait, there’s more…

A spectacular landscape and a pair of Australian icons aren’t all you’ll find if you follow The Outback Loop. You’ll be introduced to many places that will deepen your understanding of Australia’s heritage and culture. And you’ll meet people who will delight you with their stories, their humour, their irreverence and their hospitality.

If you want to see and know for yourself the beauty of the outback, its places and its people, The Outback Loop offers the perfect guide.

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Safe Travelling

Along the Outback Loop, road conditions can vary with the season and with weather conditions. Generally the roads are safe, wide, dusty desert highways and are well maintained by South Australian and Queensland government road crews. Desert tracks are all single lane, designated tracks.

For journey preparation tips and up-to-date information about road conditions, click here.


Main Tracks


Awesome Pubs

2 Tracks + 2 Pubs = 1 Experience

The Innamincka Hotel and the Birdsville Hotel are linked in outback history by two stock routes that opened the Channel Country to the south. Today those stock routes are known as the Birdsville and Strzelecki tracks.